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Production Process

Production Process


Areca Palm leaves are agro waste of areca palm nut production. Areca leaf plates and food containers do not possess any harmful chemicals and are thus extremely safe for long term usage. Our Disposable Dinnerware is completely made out of fallen areca palm leaves based on a simple idea of using natural resources without harming nature. We use excellent quality materials and latest technology in the production, leaves are collected directly from farmers and venders of the market.  


ARECA PALM PLATE is best alternative of any other disposable plates like Plastic, Aluminium and Paper, it is 100% natural and eco-friendly, and there is a growing demand for leaf plates and cups in national and global level. 


Production process

The leaves of the areca palm tree (Areca Catechu) are picked up from the ground dried, soaked in water and compressed to a form of a design plate between two hot casts. When the plate cools down it will harden to a form which can endure even a bit harder use. We are using Hydraulic semi-automatic machines to convert the leaves into leave plates and food containers. 


Main Features of Areca Plates are :

  • Alternative to Plastic, Aluminium and Paper 
  • Hard and handy can be used for serving food items in Parties, food parcel packing, Functions, Hotels, Restaurants, Picnic, college functions, festivals Wedding, Buffets , all religious functions & best use of packing units eatables, non-eatables.
  • Healthy Hygienic and unique.
  • Heat resistible, Microwave durable and leak proof
  • Germ free, resists oil and water
  • Retaining warmness and original taste of food
  • Sturdy and light weight yet strong enough to be used cutlery, non-odorous therefore food flavours are not affected.
  • After use give back to earth
  • An economical disposable alternative for all catering occasions, saving water by eliminating the need for washing up 
  • Biodegradable, Eco friendly and Pollution free, during production does not generate any pollution, waste can be utilized either as compost or substitute to fire wood, can be naturally composted. It saves energy costs and its impact associated with commercial composting Production process is natural and environmental friendly from beginning to end. 

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